Wet Flies

Bead Egg Sucking Leach

Bead Egg Sucking Leach
By Ray Bradley*

    Hook:  #6 2XL.

    Thread/Head:  Black 8/0.

    Tail:  Long full black marabou.

    Body:  Thick black chenille palmered with black hackle.

    Collar:  Dark grey marabou.

    Head:  Gold glass bead.

*About Ray Bradley

I am a country person born and raised, I grew up in a small town of Touchet in southeast Washington. I became interested in fly fishing from watching the old Rod and Reel show when I was a kid. Bought my first fly rod when I was 11 years old from money earned working in the hay fields, been trying to learn ever sense. My favorite fish to chase are steelhead, salmon, small mouth bass and trout.

My wife is LadyGhost, we met online in a chat room, she is also a tier. I ran a dairy, worked in a kitchen, worked in domestic well pumps, service work on low pressure boilers for home heat and have done phone tech support for computers. Well as they say in the funnies that's all folks!

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