Wet Flies

Pink Sundowner

Pink Sundowner
Tied by Paul Becignuel*

    Hook:  Salmon.

    Thread/Head:  Black.

    Tag:  Flat silver tinsel.

    Tail:  Orange hackle barbs.

    Body:  Orange chenille palmered with orange hackle.

    Hackle:  Pink hackle.

    Wing:  Sparse pearl Flashabou or similar material.

*About Paul Becignuel

I consider myself to be an intermediate tier with knowledge of some advanced tying skills. I have no experience with salt-water fly fishing but it is something that I will pursue as my body gets older and the urge to migrate south for the winter kicks in, right now though there is enough to do in the winter wonderland of Michigan to not bother with going south.

Politically, I believe that we as fly fishers need to bond with other sport fisherman to become a large group rather than separates. I saw in my shooting sports how the anti's got a foot in when the separate groups were divided and the whole group lost as a result of that.

Catch and Release is something I practice regularly but I also have been known to harvest a fish or two with moderation.

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