Wet Flies

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Crystal Blue Persuasion
Tied By Mark J Romero*

    Hook:  Orvis Salmon wet fly .

    Thread/Head:  Light blue.

    Tail:  Five Peacock sword herl.

    Body:  Light blue Crystal Chenille.

    Collar:  Dark blue dun hen back feather tied in Spey style.

    Head:  Light blue.

*About Mark J Romero

Born Feb. 16th 1950 in Albany, Cal. Lived in California until I was 31 when I moved to New York City. Worked my entire adult life until I was 51 in the music industry as a recording/sound engineer and road/stage manager in the Jazz world. Spent many years on the road with the best Jazz bands in the world, traveling all over the world. After working in the number one Jazz club in San Francisco from 1976 to 1981 I went to New York City and the rest is history. I met my wife in 1982 and we started fly fishing in 1989, (on her birthday), after a few years spin fishing for bass and bluegill. We both tie now, but she sticks to trout flies. I started tying in 1993, wow, it's been a decade. My wife and I are both members of the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild and as the "keeper" I have the clubs collection in my gallery, JazzMark Gallery. I have been tying at shows for about 5 years now, and I find that very rewarding and fun. For me tying flies is a beautiful and fun form of therapy and relaxation. I don't even care if the flies "work." It's simply a way of getting away from all other things and letting the hours flow by. You can find out much more at www.JazzMarkGallery.com happy tying, m.j.romero (willowhead)

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