Supplies for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Flies
By Ronn Lucas, Sr.

General Tying Supplies

The companies listed here specifically have more goodies than the 'normal' fly shops, and cater to those tying Atlantic Salmon, Spey and Steelhead Flies.

Conranch Hackle
35926 North Conklin Rd.
Elk, WA. 99009
Ph. (509) 999-7472
Email link:

  • Denny Conrad has been breeding chickens for fly tying for many years and his daughter Liz is in there helping. They sell direct to the Tyer so, you get a better deal than many other brands. They have also got feathers of the highest grade and many natural colors. He produces some of the very best grizzly hackles I have ever seen. The whites are bright and the blacks are. . .well, black. In a word, they are BEAUTIFUL. Denny also raises ornamental Pheasants so, he may have some "special" skins and feathers for tying the Atlantics.
    Give Denny a call and let him know what your needs are. He will select just the right thing since he is also a fly fisherman and Tyer too.

    Creekside Flyfishing
    Rich Youngers
    345 High ST SE Salem, Oregon 97301
    Phone: 503-588-1768

    English Angling Trappings at Anglers' Den
    Rob O'Neill
    11 Main St.
    Pawling, NY 12564
    Phone 1-845-855-5182

    Hunter's Angling Supplies
    Central Square
    Box 300
    New Boston, NH 03070
    Phone: (800)-331-8558 (outside New Hampshire)
    (603)-487-3388 (in New Hampshire)

    Specialty Supplies

    Castle Arms (Phil Castleman)
    PO Box 30070
    1145 Main Street
    Springfield, MA 01103
    Phone: 413-567-8268
  • Phil has supplied Tyers of the Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies rare materials for many years.

    Minnesota Hackle, Inc. (Mark Petsch)
    PO Box 665
    Prior Lake, MN 55372
    612-327-6685, fax 707-222-7560

  • As I mention in the tying section for the full feather wing streamers, finding hackles with the correct shape these days can be a real challenge. Minnesota Hackle, Inc. has two patches that they call, Deceiver Patches and Small Streamer Patches. They sent me one of each in grizzly and white.
    Grizzly Deceiver Patch has feathers with rounded tips on all feathers and feather length runs about 4" to 5". The Small Streamers Patch has feathers with round tipped feathers in the 3/12" to 5" range with quite a few in the smaller size.
    White Deceiver and Small Streamer Patches are comparable to the grizzly. It is my opinion that these patches particularly with the Small Streamer Patches offering the smaller feathers are very well suited to using for the full feather wing streamers as well as other similar patterns using full feathers for wings of this type and shape. The black and white on the grizzly feathers are bright. The white feathers will take dying well and produce bright colors for home dying. They also offer 24 dyed colors and do custom dying.
    Minnesota Hackle Co. sells primarily to shops so, ask for them by name or, contact them for a dealer near you.

    Ronn Lucas, Sr.
    13535 SE Beech
    Milwaukie, OR 97267
    Phone/Fax: 503-654-0466

    Salmon Fly Tyers Suppliers (Wick Clark and Dave White)
    % American Pennant Mfg. Co., Inc.
    3198 North Speer Blvd.
    Denver, CO 80211

    Rocky Mountain Flies
    PO Box 76114
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    T6H 5Y7

    Tom C. Saville Ltd.
    9 Nottingham Road
    Trowell, Nottingham
    NG9 3PA
    Phone: +44 (0) 115 930 8800
    Fax: +44 (0) 115 930 3336

  • I received a catalog from the Tom C. Saville Ltd. company today. Looks like a good place to buy materials from at least for our European brothers & sisters. ~ Ronn Lucas, Sr.

    561, rue Principale
    Ste-Melanie (Qc)
    Canada J0K 3A0

  • UNI-Products does not sell direct but, their site will show Tyers the extent of UNI's materials, dealers list on site.,
    A web site dedicated to tying Full Dress Salmon Flies and a great source for the materials that make them up. The highest quality at reasonable prices.

    John McLain has become a good friend in recent years and he is a wealth of knowledge about classic salmon flies, the tyers and the materials used. John has made his retirement years a little fuller by taking his passion for tying fully dressed flies "on the road" and selling some of the more hard to come by feathers. If John doesn't have what you're looking for, he likely knows who does.


    Partridge and O Mustad & Son
    PO Box 838
    Auburn NY 13021
    Phone: 315-253-2793
  • Many of you may be aware that a couple years ago, Mustad bought the Partridge Hook Company that was located in The UK. Like any change, it appeared to many outsiders (myself included) that the marriage of the two companies would be a difficult alliance. There was a period at about the time of the change that Partridge hook quality fell off markedly. As a user of the Partridge hooks, I was dismayed that such a fine lineup of hooks and a depth of shapes were facing an uncertain future. Well, I have now gotten quite a few of the different hooks that they are producing in their new factory and, they are outstanding in every regard. Many of the flies in this series as well as a good percentage of my personal flies are tied on Partridge irons.

    R. W. Reinhold Co.
    Ron Reinhold
    4446 Westridge Dr.
    Williamsburgh MI 49690
    Phone: 231-938-3229
    Fax: 231-938-1896

  • Ron Reinhold is a guy with a passion, striving to make his hooks the best in the world. In my opinion, he has succeeded in making hooks of the likes the tying world has never seen before. His hooks are literally, works of art in their own right. His exhibition grade hooks will compliment the artistry of the best Tyers. Of course, fine art comes at a price and this Tyer would have a tough time fishing a fly with one of Ron's irons.

    Angler Sport Group
    6619 Oak Orchard Road
    Elba NY 14058
    Phone: 716-757-9066
    Fax: (716)-757-9066


  • Product information on scissors and other tools and a list of dealers List of Dealers is available on Dr. Slick's web page ( or by contacting Dr. Slick Co.
    Dr. Slick Co.
    105 Pollywog Lane
    Belgrade, MT 59714
    Phone: 800.462.4472
    Fax: 800.420.2468

    Publishers Note: This list was compiled by Ronn Lucas, Sr. and is provided as a service to our readers. If we have omitted your favorite Supplier for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead flies, and you are willing to recommend them, please sent the information to and we will add them to this listing. ~ DLB

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