General MacArthur
Tied by Duane Vigue*

    Hook: Martinek Streamer Hook #1

    Thread/Head: Black/blue, white, red thread.

    Tag: Flat silver tinsel.

    Tail: Red hackle barbs.

    Body: Flat silver tinsel.

    Throat: White hackle barbs over which are red hackle barbs.

    Wings: Blue over which are grizzly hackle tips.

    Sides: JC.

*About Duane Vigue

Duane Vigue is another fine commercial Tyer from the Eastern half of the US, Maine to be exact. Duane is a hard core Tyer and fisher of the so called "Rangeley" style of streamers that were popularized by the likes of Carrie Stevens and Herb Welch. His flies are the result of countless hours on the water, testing and refining his tying skills and patterns. He not only ties the patterns of Stevens and Welch, he also innovates his own. Like Marc, Duane's "fishing" grade flies are wonderfully crafted and his display patterns are a must have for any serious collector. Duane's flies can be seen here and in such publications as the Art of Angling. We will be hearing much more from Duane in the years to come.

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