Gray Ghost - Carrie Stevens
*Tied by Phil Foster

    Hook: Heritage Allcock Streamer hook.

    Thread: Black.

    Tag: Flat silver tinsel.

    Body: Orange floss.

    Rib: Flat silver tinsel.

    Throat: Four to six herl followed by white bucktail about 1/3 the body length beyond the hook bend followed by a Golden Pheasant (GP) topping (crest).

    Wings: GP topping followed by four gray hackles, both to the ends of the throat or slightly beyond.

    Shoulder: Silver Pheasant body feather.

    Cheeks: Jungle Cock.

    Head: Black with orange band.

*About Phil Foster

Phil was born in 1927 in Maine. His dad, Herb Foster introduced Phil to the resources to be found in the area, hunting, fishing, trapping and guiding at an early age. Phil started tying flies at the age of 9. Over the years, Phil has led a life that has been close to the outdoors and, all that it offers. He has guided for fishing and hunting. He has also tied flies commercially for Abercrombie and Fitch, William Mills and Sons, Orvis, LL Bean and other lesser known tackle houses.

In 1997, Phil self published a little book called Grouse Dogs and Salmon Rods, A Master Maine Guide Remembers in which he recalls his life adventures.

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