Purple Sapphire - originated by Dave Klausmeyer
*Tied by Gerald Wolfe

    Hood: Size 4, 8XL streamer hook.

    Thread: Black 8/0.

    Body: Flat silver tinsel.

    Throat: Five or six strands of Peacock herl under which is lavender bucktail extending about an inch beyond the hook bend.

    Wings: Two matching purple saddle hackles each side extending about an inch beyond the hook bend.

    Cheeks: One dyed blue Guinea Fowl flank feather and one Jungle Cock nail each side.

Wings & cheeks are glued together before attaching to the hook shank in the Carrie Stevens style of Rangeley trolling streamers. This makes a much neater wing, easy to attach to the body. It is very important to match right side/left side hackle for streamer wings. I also like fairly strong quills in my wing feathers to make them stand out straight along the shank of the hook. If the feathers are soft and droopy they are not only unattractive, but have more of a chance to foul when fishing the streamer.

The "Purple Sapphire" is a Dave Klausmeyer creation. I first saw it in the Autumn 1999 issue of FLY TYER magazine when he did a feature article on Rangeley Streamers. Dave is Senior Editor of FLY TYER and we both write a monthly column for the MAINE SPORTSMAN magazine. I follow his column faithfully and when I saw this streamer I knew I wanted to tie it.

Maine streamer patterns have been favorites of mine for nearly 35 years. A few years back, I caught an IGFA world record landlocked Atlantic Salmon on a feathered streamer that stood for almost 2 years, so you could say that my trust in them over time really paid off.

The "Gray Ghost", "Black Ghost", "Mickey Finn" and a few others have stood the test of time and become legendary streamers, but none are anymore beautiful than the "Purple Sapphire". I tried a test on several non-fishers after I tied the first one by randomly putting it in with half a dozen other streamers of note and asked them to pick out the one they liked best. Hands down, each person picked the "Purple Sapphire" over the much more storied and popular flies.

Will it catch fish? You bet! My son and I have caught numerous landlocks on this fly over the last couple years. Dave, you've got a winner here! Functional as well as beautiful." ~ Gerald Wolfe

*About Gerald Wolfe

I started fishing at age 5 and have spent the last 6 decades pursuing that pastime with a passion. I strayed for a few years in my youth and became obsessed with golf (regularly shot in the low 70's), but quickly decided I couldn't pursue two obsessions and stay sane. So I gave up golf and decided I'd only make my wife a "fishing widow." Well. . . hunting too.

It was a good choice. I married my "highschool sweetheart" and it's been a wonderful ride for 45 years. In all that time, she has never once said I shouldn't go fishing. For any reason. Not once. Don't ya just love 'er?

We have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and, "praise the Lord," they all fish; especially my grandson, Eric, who holds 2 Junior World Records and seems determined to get a couple more.

My day job was Supt. of Postal Operations at a fairly large post office in New Jersey. But my avocation was to be an outdoor writer, and to that end I've had over l,200 articles published in the last 30 years. Since retirement from the postal service I've been writing a regional outdoor column for The Maine Sportsman magazine.

I moved to Maine 10 years ago and live by beautiful Sebago Lake (2nd largest lake in Maine). My wife has recently caught the fishing fever, although she doesn't fly fish . . . I'm working on that. I suspect we will be spending a lot more wonderful years together.

My favorite flies are streamers but I only tie during the winter to replenish my supply. I've also been known to bum a few flies here and there.

I keep my hand in all methods of fishing and hunting because of my writing, but my favorite fish are brook trout. I s'pose if God gave me only one choice, I'd choose the small streams and beaver pond brookies to fish out my last years. We've got a bunch of 'em up here. ~ RW

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