Spey Flies

Dee Strip Wing
By Fred Brand*


    Hook: 7/0 Dee double Heritage.

    Thread: Black.

    Tag: Silver oval tinsel followed by light and dark green floss.

    Tail: Red Golden Pheasant feather veiled with Lilac Breasted Roller.

    Body: In thirds, orange, red and maroon Seal.

    Rib: Flat and oval silver tinsel counter wrapped with oval silver tinsel.

    Hackle:Heron from the fourth rib with a couple turns at the head.

    Collar: Teal.

    Wing: Florican Bustard.

    Head: Black.

*About Fred Brand

Fred is a County Engineer in upstate NY. He lives in Lorraine, NY which is close to the Salmon River and Lake Ontario. He has been tying flies for about 7 years (as of 2001) and, took lessons from Ron Alcot, Bob Veverka and, Paul Seymour. He was featured in the Schmookler/Sills vol. 2 of "Rare And Unusual Tying Materials." Fred is a great Spey caster and spends time in Canada each year fishing for Atlantic Salmon as well as fishing the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY for Kings and Steelhead. Fred is about 50 and single.

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