Spey Flies

Orange & Black Heron
Hackle Tip Wing Spey
Tied by Phil Castleman*


    Thread: Orange.

    Tag: Flat silver tinsel.

    Body: Rear 1/2 orange floss, front 1/2 orange Seal.

    Rib: Flat silver tinsel followed by oval silver tinsel.

    Collar: Teal.

    Wing: Orange hackle tips.

    Head: Orange.

*About Phil Castleman

"I am between 70 and death and am a Lawyer . . .among other things. I have been tying for too many years to count and been in the exotic feather business for many years. I have fished for Atlantic Salmon since 1947 when I was in Colby College in Waterville, Maine.

I have been raising various birds for Salmon Flies for 30 years and ship all over the world. And, I have had the pleasure of fishing most of the great Salmon rivers in Canada, Newfoundland/Labrador as well as a few in Europe. I have fished for Sailfish, Marlin, Bonefish, Tarpon, etc in Florida, Mexico, Venezuela. But, Salmon fishing is my first love with the Bonaventure River on the Gaspe being my favorite. My two sons are also Salmon Fishermen and we fish Salmon together at least once a year. I am single as my wife died ten years ago."
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