Dee Fly

No Name Dee
Tied by Harry Lemire*


    Hook: Long shank blind eye.

    Thread: White.

    Tag: Gold oval tinsel.

    Tail: Golden Pheasant veiled by Peacock.

    Butt: Black Ostrich.

    Body: Rear buttercup floss ribbed with fine gold oval tinsel, front fuchsia Seal ribbed with flat gold tinsel followed by fine gold oval tinsel.

    Hackle: Heron or substitute.

    Wing: Bleached Peacock secondaries tied Dee style.

    Sides: Jungle Cock tied low.

    Head: Clear.

The side photo shows the attitude of a typical Dee Wing fly's wing, hackle, JC eyes and overall appearance while the top view shows how the wings are actually split apart. The wings, eyes and sometimes body arrangements are what set the Dees and Speys apart even though they are similar in other features.

About Harry Lemire*

Harry is a Pacific Northwest legendary fly fisher and Tyer. He is one of a group of guys that developed new tying and fishing techniques and styles. While Harry has fished for any number of different fish, he has become known for his Salmon and Steelhead fishing and tying. Trey Combs, author of Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies published by Salmon Trout Steelheader says, "Steelheading with the fly is Harry Lemire's world. Were there a National Steelheading League, he would be a star 'quarterback.' He understands all parts of the contest between patient man and the Steelhead. Fly tying, designing lines, testing equipment and, searching for new rivers are passions. I know of no better or more gracious angler."

I don't know how many new rivers Harry is discovering these days but I can say that Harry is indeed a gracious angler and Tyer who is anxious to share his talents and knowledge with others.

Harry ties his flies (works of art really) every year at the Tyer's Expo in Eugene Oregon and dazzles the folks as he assembles his flies without the aid of a vise. The crowd around his table is always twice as big as other tables and there is no question when Harry finishes a fly as the room is filled with applause.

Harry is one of those quiet and unassuming individuals who does not boast of his achievements but, let's his works speak for him. And, speak they do to those of us who have been lucky to meet this patient and gracious angler. ~ RL

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