Spey Flies

Grouse & Purple Soft Hackle Spey
Tied by Stu Farnham


    Hook: TMC 7999 #6.

    Thread: Black.

    Body: Purple Mylar braid, wrapped.

    Thorax: Black chenille.

    Hackle: Purple shlapen folded and wound through the thorax. Grouse, one side stripped and tied in by tip and wrapped as a collar.

    Head: Black.

*About Stu Farnham

Before moving to Oregon in 1992, Stu Farnham lived in New England. Growing up in Connecticut, he fished Long Island Sound for Bluefish, Striped Bass, Flounder and, Tautog. As an adult, he fished for Smallmouth Bass and Pickerel in the lakes in Maine. He started fly fishing when he moved to Oregon, took up fly tying two years later and has never looked back. Whenever his job in software engineering management allows, he can be found chasing Trout and Steelhead on the rivers and streams of the Pacific Northwest.

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