Spey Flies

Dick's Clearwater Special
Steelhead Pattern by Richard Lane*


    Hook: Either an Alec Jackson spey or Partridge Bartleet Traditioanl salmon fly.

    Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 Black.

    Tail: Red cock fibers.

    Butt: Fluorescent Green wool, thin.

    Rib: Fine oval silver tinsel.

    Body: A misture of red, black and brown seals fur with claret coloured squirrel bright to give the bright tinsel look. Mis courlours so they come out a nice rich dark claret colour, and spin in a dubbing loop to get a tight body.

    Hackle: 2 turns of Black hen hackle in collar style.

    Wing: Fox coloured squirrel tail.

Fishing Tip

I fish this fly on a greased line (Dry Line) with a 12 to 15 foot leader fished across and doen, hold then in short fast strips. I designed this fly for the Clearwater River here in Idago but also fished this fly on the Good News River in Western Alaska in the 2001 season to great success. So far this fly has caught me over 150 Steelhead in three seasons. It is my 'go to' fly. ~ Richard Lane

*About Richard Lane

Born on January 8, 1944 on the Yakama Indian Reservation in a two room shank on Toppennish Ridge. I am Klickatat/Cowlitz Indian and the rest is Irish, German and Dutch. I grew up on the Reservation and Oregon State in various parts. As long as I can remember I had a fishing rod of some type in my hands. At the age of 11, I went to work for my Uncle Ed as a commercial fisherman out of Pacific City, Oregon. I worked for my Uncle till the other "Uncle" sent for me. Then it was a free paid vacation to SE Asia for a few years.

After returning home from the war I tried the collage thing at UCLA for 2 yrs. At which time a friend offered me a chance to "go fishin," I thought that we were going locally, but no, we went to Alaska instead. I fell in love with the great state and never looked back. While fishing in Alaska another friend got me started using the long rod again so here I am today fly fishing where ever and when ever I get the chance. I have been in the commercial fishing industry for about 30 years and a fisherman my whole life. Today I am a Licensed Master Plumber in 11 states, I also hold a USCG 500 ton All Oceans Masters License, 1600 ton 1st Mate, 3rd Mate Unlimited and a 10,000 hp Chief Engineers License. Oh, I almost forgot I have been full time fly fishing since 1988 and been a guide in Western Alaska on and off since 1991.

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