Spey Flies

Deependable Blue (improved)
Tied by Ron Eagle Elk


    Hook: Partridge Bartleet or Alec Jackson.

    Thread: Blue.

    Tag: Fine silver oval tinsel.

    Tail: Yellow Golden Pheasant rump feather.

    Body: Rear 1/2 black leech yarn or mohair, front 1/2 blue shlapen folded and wound tight. Tie in by tip and use the whole feather including the fluff.

    Rib: Embossed or oval silver tinsel wound over the black yarn.

    Collar: Long black marabou, several turns, followed by a couple turns of Teal flank.

    Wing: Brown Turkey strips.

    Head: Blue.

*About Ron Eagle Elk

"As for my Bio, just a name and that I live in Yelk, WA is fine with me." That was all I could get out of Ron the first time I asked him for a little info about him. I just couldn't put such a humble bit of info for a guy who has a distinguished career serving us here in the States and who is an accomplished Tyer and Flyfisher.

With a little help from the "management" Ron submitted the following: "Ron Eagle Elk, originally from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, now I reside in Yelk, Washington. I have been fly fishing for 30 years and tying for about 20 on and off. I usually fish the Deschutes, Nisqually, Skookumchuck and Cowlitz rivers, all in Washington State.

After serving 23 1/2 years as an Army Paratrooper and Ranger, I am now living a simpler, quieter life fishing and tying as much as possible.

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