Shrimp Flies

River Shrimp, Brown
Tied by Marc Madore*


    Hook: Partridge Single Wilson, or Daiichi 2131, Bob Veverka's "classic Salmon hook" #4 to #10.

    Thread: UNI-Thread black orange 8/0.

    Tail: Gliss n Glow.

    Body: Brown dubbing, herl front 2/5 topped with UNI-Mylar pearl tinsel 1/16" (no. 10).

    Rib: UNI-Wire, medium, copper.

    Collar: Dark Partridge.

    Head: Black with red stripe at rear.

*About Marc Madore

Born in 1942 in Timmins, Ontario, Canada, most of his youth was spent along the rivers and lakes of this area.

After a full career with the Armed Forces, he retired in the community of Blackville, New Brunswick along the Miramichi River where he could pursue his passion in Salmon angling and tying.

As a professional Fly Tyer and one who never sought recognition, he is widely known as a premier fly dresser by his peers both in North America and Europe.

Marc's work has appeared in several Fly Fishing and outdoors magazines. A number of his patterns were published in the books Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies and, lately in Shrimp and Spey Flies for Salmon and Steelhead (Stackpole Books). He tied the signature fly for the Miramichi River Valley to the Royal Family.

Marc enjoys his retirement on the Miramichi where he maintains a life style emerged in the fly fishing sport.

As a perfectionist, Marc is constantly challenged to produce well tied flies that not only attract fish but also traditional and contemporary flies for the fly fisher and collector.

After 35 years as a fly fisherman, he has served as a guide, fly dresser, and is currently out of retirement managing the Curtis Tackle Shop in Blackville where, he enjoys passing on his knowledge and skills to fly fishermen.

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