Matching Wings

Selecting and preparing feathers for simple strip wings showing the leading edge where we will take the sections of the feathers for strip wings. Make sure you have matched the feathers well. These are Turkey secondary wing feathers but, other feathers such as Turkey tail, Peafowl, and many other similar feathers can also be used.

Two matched Turkey wing feathers.

Reshape the barbs by "humping" (no, this is nothing "off color" here) them as shown. You can either do this before cutting them free from the feather shaft or, after. Put the concave sides together with the tips of the feathers meeting. To set the wing in, hold it with your left thumb and index fingers at the tie in spot, take one soft turn up and around the wing, on the next turn, pull up to pull the soft loop tight, take one more tight turn next to the last. You can now let go with your left hand to see how the wing looks. If it is what you like, hold the wing again with the left hand and lay down a few more tight turns one next the other towards the eye. If you weren't happy with the wing shape/position, simply try again. You ought to be able to reposition the wing several times if needed.

Happy Trails! Ronn Lucas, Sr. ~

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