Hairwing Flies

Dick's Clearwater Special
By Richard Lane


    Hook: Either an Alec Jackson Spey or a Partridge Bartleet Traditional salmon fly.

    Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 Black.

    Tail: Red cock fibers.

    Butt: Fluorescent Green wool, thin.

    Rib: Fine oval silver tinsel.

    Body: A mixture of red, black and brown seals fur with claret coloured squirrel bright to give the bright tinsel look. Mix colours so that they come out a nice rich dark claret colour, and spin in a dubbing loop to get a tight body.

    Hackle: 2 turns of Black hen hackle in collar style.

    Wing: Fox coloured squirrel tail.

    Option: Occasionally I will use silver squirrel tail just to give the fish a different look during heavy fishing.

Fishing Tip - I fish this fly on a greased line (Dry Line) with a 12' - 15' leader fished across and down, hold then in short fast strips. I designed this fly for the Clearwater River here in Idaho but also fished this fly on the Good News River in Western Alaska in the 2001 season to great success. So far this fly has caught me over 150 Steelhead in three seasons. It is my go-to fly.

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