Free Style Full Featherwing

Mallard Hen Butt

Mallard Hen Butt
By Ronn Lucas, Sr.,

    Hook:  Partridge Bartleet.

    Thread/Head: Black.

    Tag:  Oval silver tinsel, light green floss.

    Tail:  GP veiled with Kingfisher.

    Butt:  Black Ostrich.

    Body:  Rear 1/3, blue floss ribbed with oval silver tinsel, veiled below with Impeyan, joint of black Ostrich, front 2/3, red floss, ribbed with blue oval tinsel.

    Throat:  Brown Eared Pheasant.

    Wing:  Mallard hen tail feathers.

    Sides:  JC.

    Topping:  GP.

    Horns:  Blue Eared Pheasant.

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