Free Style Full Featherwing

Trusty Rusty

Trusty Rusty
By Ronn Lucas, Sr.,

    Hook:  Lucas.

    Thread/Head:  Black.

    Tag:  Silver oval UNI-Tinsel, yellow UNI-Floss, ribbed with silver UNI-Micro tinsel followed with blue holographic tinsel veiled with Orange Weaver.

    Tail:  Two barbs from Molluccan Cockatoo feather from the same side of the feather so they twist in the same direction.

    Butt:  Black Ostrich.

    Body:  : Rear orange UNI-Floss ribbed with three Uni-Tinsel and black thread between two, veiled with green Parrot and Barbary Sheep. Black Ostrich joint, gold embossed UNI-Tinsel ribbed with silver twist UNI-Tinsel.

    Throat:  Orange Spey Hackle and black tipped Peafowl marabou dyed orange.

    Wing:  Scarlet Macaw.

    Shoulder:  Scarlet Macaw.

    Sides:  Jungle Cock, Senegal Parrot and Lilac breasted Roller.

    Topping:  GP.

    Horns:  Blue & Gold Macaw.

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