Dry Flies

Elk Hair Steelhead Skater
Tied by Richard Lane*


    Hook: TMC 105 size 6.

    Thread: - Pumpkin 6/0.

    Tail: Natural Elk Hair.

    Body: Thread.

    Shell: Natural Elk Hair.

    Wing: Natural Elk Hair tied forward.

    Head: Natural Elk Hair spun and clipped close.

*About Dick Lane

Born on January 8, 1944 on the Yakama Indian Reservation in a two-room shack on Toppennish Ridge. I am Klickatat/Cowlitz Indian and the rest is Irish, German and Dutch. I grew up on the Reservation and Oregon State in various parts. As long as I can remember I had a fishing rod of some type in my hands. At the age of 11, I went to work for my Uncle Ed as a commercial fisherman out of Pacific City, Oregon. I worked for my Uncle till the other "Uncle" sent for me. Then it was a free paid vacation to SE Asia for a few years. After returning home from the war I tried the collage thing at UCLA for 2 yrs. At which time a friend offered me a chance to "go fishin." I thought that we were going locally, but no, we went to Alaska instead. I fell in love with the great state and never looked back. While fishing in Alaska another friend got me started using the long rod again so here I am today fly fishing whereever and whenever I get the chance. I have been in the commercial fishing industry for about 30 years and a fisherman my whole life. Today I am a Licensed Master Plumber in 11 states, I also hold a USCG 500 ton All Oceans Masters License, 1600 ton 1st Mate, 3rd Mate Unlimited and a 10,000 hp Chief Engineers License. Oh, I almost forgot I have been full time fly fishing since 1988 and been a guide in Western Alaska on and off since 1991.

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