Dry Flies

Greased Liner, Orange*
Tied by Neal Rea


    Hook: 4XL.

    Thread: Red mono.

    Tail: Elk hair, full.

    Body: Haretron, orange.

    Hackle: Brown/Furnace palmered.

    Wing: Elk hair.

    Head: Red mono.

    Recommended sizes 6, 8

    *About Neal Rea

    I was born in Missouri, my parents moved to Oregon when I was a babe in swaddling clothes.

    When I was in high school my father enrolled me in a fly tying class at Lane Community College, taught by Stan Walters. I completed the class, but was not smitten with the art of fly tying - I preferred fishing with a Thomas or a Mepps lure.

    I moved to Arizona at the age of 27 where I met a Greeley, Colorado woman who is now my wife. Our trips to visit her parents and family in Colorado afforded me time to fish with her father and brother in law. Like in the "River Runs Through It" I felt pressured to fish with flies.

    On a camping and fishing trip to The Frying Pan River I successfully caught multiple huge trout. I guess you could say I was hooked on fishing with a fly. When I returned to our home in Phoenix Arizona I visited a fishing store and asked them how I could learn more about fly fishing. They suggested getting involved with the local FFF club - The Arizona Flycasters. I did just that. The men, women and families that make up the Arizona Flycasters were great. I enjoyed the club fishing trips, conservation projects and meetings.

    My second beginning fly tying class, taught by Arizona Flycaster President Dave Cohen, really got me going. At home I tied various trout patterns and burned through most of my hooks and materials.

    On my lunch hours I often visited a salt-water fishing store near my office. This store had a very small area designated to fly fishing. One day I asked the store clerk if they might be interested in trading some hooks and materials to me for flies that I had tied. The clerk was willing to do an exchange. I guess this was the start to my hobby business. Let's back up for a minute - After I graduated form South Eugene High School I attended the University of Oregon. At the U of O I successfully squeezed a four year BS dual degree in accounting and computer science into six years. After graduation I worked for Price Waterhouse in Portland Oregon as a certified public accountant with the audit division. After four plus years of public accounting work I moved to Phoenix Arizona and worked as a controller, then as the chief financial officer of different home building and commercial contracting companies. I returned to Portland Oregon after seven great years in Arizona. I am currently the chief financial officer of The Stoner Group, a medium sized commercial electrical contracting company operating in the Pacific Northwest states.

    Now let's flip back to Arizona. When I did my first flies for materials exchange I thought it would be wise to properly set up a hobby business. With my wife's help I chose "Fly Art Creations" as the name for the hobby business. I properly registered the business with state and federal government agencies, including the IRS so that I could pay excise tax when necessary.

    I tied mostly trout patterns when living in Arizona. I developed different "Destination Fly Boxes" for specific fisheries in Arizona and Oregon. I fished for trout in the streams on the Mogollon Rim, the White Mountain lakes, the San Juan River and Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River. I fished Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River with Len Holt using Len's "Elk Hair Scud" pattern. I tied an awful lot of Len Holt's Elk Hair Scud pattern for sale to shops and fisherman when I lived in Arizona.

    When I returned to Portland I visited some of the fly shops and tied flies for some of them. Mark Noble, owner of The Greased Line fly shop in Vancouver, Washington asked me to tie some muddler patterns to be used when fishing steelhead. In the beginning my muddler flies were pretty sorry, but the patient Mark Noble coached me through the learning process. The muddler fly is a common, "minimum wage pattern" because the tyer cannot get rich tying it. One thing is for certain - if you want to catch fish then you need to fish the muddler. I continued to learn how to tie the muddler pattern and tried different color combinations.

    Mark introduced me to Herb Burton, owner of the Trinity Fly Shop in Lewiston, California. Herb Burton's muddler patterns for fishing steelhead are tied on a the long nymph style of hook in both natural and bright colors. Herb is an excellent business man and a successful river guide. I have had much fun having him guide me and my father on fishing trips to Norther California. Herb has had me tie some specialty patterns for his shop that I have been fishing successfully on the Deschutes River.

    Some people read books and watch television each evening when they get home from work. With two high school daughters active in school, sports and friends interested in learning to fly fish I find some time to tie flies in the evening while listening to the television. I tie muddler and specialty patterns for a limited number of specialty shops. I also enjoy mounting and framing flies in shadow boxes. As my family's life cycle changes I will find more time to tie and sell flies through my hobby business. The important thing to me is that I provide quality flies on time to the people who have been there for me when I started my hobby business. The specialty shops that I service today include;

      The Greased Line, Mark Noble, Vancouver, Washington
      The Trinity Fly Shop, Herb Burton, Lewiston, California
      The Deschutes Angler, Joe Ringo, Maupin, Oregon
      The Scarlet Ibis, Brian Buggenhagen, Corvallis, Oregon

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