Announcement of the 2006 FAOL Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Contest

Time has come to announce the 2006 FAOL Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Tying Contest.

We are pleased to announce that Partridge of Redditch is sponsoring this years contest. Partridge makes some of the best hooks in the business and particularly the Salmon Fly hooks. All of this years entries must be tied on specific Partridge hooks and any that are not, will not be included in the competition. The style of hooks acceptable for the Wet Fly category are CS10/1 #1/0 or CS14/1B #3. The suggestion would be that Speys and Dees be tied on the CS10/1 and other dressings on the CS14/1B but this is left to the Tyer to decide. The hook for the Classic and Freestyle categories is the CS10/3 #3/0.

We will accept entries from February 6, 2006 to June 6, 2006. Flies must be postmarked no later than June 6, 2006! We will photograph each fly and post these on the website as soon as possible and open the Reader's Choice voting for a period to be announced later.

We will have three main categories plus Reader's Choice this year:

There will be three winners in the three main categories and one Reader's Choice award.

  • Wet fly. This category has hair wings, Speys and Dees, other sub-surface flies.

  • Compulsory Classic Fully Dressed pattern. This year the pattern is The Floodtide (see recipe below).

  • Freestyle Fully Dressed. This category allows the Tyer to reach deep within his/her creativity. The entries must resemble fully dressed flies in their construction but design is up to the Tyer.

    There will be three winners in each category and one for Reader's Choice.

    No fee to enter.

    The number of entries per Tyer is limited to three. This means that each tyer can enter one fly in each category. No more than three flies in total.


      Classic: Compulsory Fully Dressed
    • First: Engraved Plaque with Winners Name
    • Second: Silver Medal
    • Third: Bronze Medal

      Freestyle Fully Dressed

    • First: Engraved Plaque with Winners Name
    • Second: Silver Medal
    • Third: Bronze Medal

      Wet Fly

    • First: Engraved Plaque with Winners Name
    • Second: Silver Medal
    • Third: Bronze Medal

      Reader's Choice

    • Engraved Plaque with Winners Name

    (Not shown actual size, they are much larger)

    Partridge of Redditch will also award each of the winners and places a package of the new Blind Eye hooks. Each pack contains three hooks of each size and six inches of genuine silkworm gut.

    Additionally there will be some surprises for all of the entrants.

    Recipe for the Floodtide

      Hook: Partridge CS10/3 #3/0
      Tag: Silver tinsel, crimson floss
      Tail: Golden Pheasant crest, Summer Duck (Woodduck)
      Butt: Black dyed Ostrich
      Body: Canary, yellow, dark orange and crimson Seal.
      Ribs: Flat silver tinsel and silver twist
      Hackle: Yellow Eagle (sub) from dark orange.
      Throat: Gallina (Guinea) two turns dyed crimson.
      Wings: Two Golden Pheasant sword feathers (back to back) enveloping two extended Jungle Cock's (back to back), Bustard, Amhurst Pheasant tail, Swan dyed yellow and crimson.
      Sides: Jungle Cock.
      Cheeks: Jungle Cock (points).
      Topping: Golden Pheasant crest


        1. This is very important. Be sure to indicate which of the three categories your fly/s should be entered in. If you do not, your fly may not get into the right one and the results could be disappointing for you.

        2. Flies submitted must be for Salmon and/or Steelhead.

        3. Please include your name and mailing address, email address if any, pattern name, pattern recipe and a hard copy (printed) of all of this information and a floppy disc or CD with all of the info on it. This will be a big help.

        4. Number of entries per Tyer limited to three. This means that each tyer can enter one in each category. No more than three flies in total.

        5. Flies and info will become property of FAOL. Most, if not all, will be donated to fly fishing clubs for their fundraising efforts.

        6. Mail entries to Ronn Lucas, Sr., 13535 SE Beech, Milwaukie OR 97267, USA. Flies must be postmarked no later than June 6, 2006,

      These contests are presented to you to encourage your fly tying skills growth by competing head to head with your peers and to have fun.

      A few words regarding the voting for the main categories. We will receive many entries tied by tyers of varying skill levels. I encourage every Tyer to try to do his/her very best and just to have fun with the contest. All entries will be posted in the Atlantic Tying section here at FAOL. Remember, when we judge the flies, every small detail can and will have a big influence on the score. Crooked ribs, lumpy floss, head cement wicking into the body or wings, fuzz showing in the head and every other consideration will effect the final score. Be very critical of your flies.

      Most contests will not give you the above information but we want each of you to reach deep within yourselves to refine and expand your skills. This is the best prize we as Tyers can win in tying contests. Other prizes are great too but this is a hobby and if we don't improve our skills we become stagnant and too often our interest will fade.

      A note, the photos shown are just a few of the Winners from of 2005 Contest. If you are unable to find the required hooks from your supplier, one of the FAOL Sponsors, Bearlodge Angler does have them all. The Bearlodge Angler site does not 'read' in Netscape, please use Microsoft.

      Finally, please support our sponsors for this contest and FAOL in general.

      Now, let the contest begin!

      Should anyone have any questions regarding the contest or any facet of the series, please contact me at 503-654-0466 or, rlucas@cybcon.com or, 13535 SE Beech, Milwaukie OR 97267. Please put "contest" in the subject line of the email.

      Happy Trails! ~ Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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