Fly tying has many beginnings. Some start tying flies to 'save money' - which hardly ever proves to be the case. Others begin with an interest in tying flies which are more adapted to their locale. Once hooked, proficiency increases and the types of flies change from very simple to involved 'matching the hatch' creations. And beyond. Who among us has not tied their 'special' fly? Or experimented and created something which they knew would be exceptional on their waters. It may not have worked, what matters is the fun of doing it.

That is what How To Dress Salmon Flies is about. Ronn Lucas, Sr. and friends will take us on a journey to learn new methods, tricks and techniques to create these beautiful flies. You may fish some, or tie some for your own amazement and joy. All sorts of Salmon Flies will appear in this section, Hairwing Flies, Strip Wing Flies, Spey and Dee Flies, Cheap Full Dressed Atlantics, Dries, Streamers, Married Wing Full Dressed Flies, Full Feather Wing Flies - and Free Style Flies of all sorts. This is not a stodgy treatise, it also is not strictly "traditional." Come and have fun.

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