The flies have been sent in, the readers and judges have voted and the results are in.

Before announcing the winners of the various categories, on behalf of FAOL, I want to thank everyone for participating in this year's contest either as a tyer or voter. The flies that were sent in are of the highest quality and very little separated the top winners. We could easily have chosen several first, second and third place winners in each category but the hard choices must be made and the top three chosen.

I'd also like to thank our prize sponsors this year for making this contest possible. I'd like to encourage you to support them if you need products they sell.

Dennis Conrad of Conranch Hackle donated all of the prizes for this year's contest with exception of the hand made hooks which were donated by master hook maker, Ron Reinhold.

Drum roll please.

Results of the 2005 Atlantic Salmon/Steelhead Tying Contest

Reader's Choice
Humber Pride
Humber Pride

Tyer: Dwight Eveleigh, Comfort Cove, NL

Wet Fly Category
First Place
Korean Chili
Tyer: Junji Ichimura, Naracity Nara, Japan

Second Place - Wet Fly
Tyer:Alun Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT

Third Place - Wet Fly
Best of Breed Spey
Best Of Breed Spey
Tyer: Kevin J Czarzasty, Watertown, CT

Free Style Category
First Place - Free Style
The Attitude
The Attitude
Tyer: Ari-Heikki Rintaniemi, Finland

Second Place - Free Style
Beard Peacock
Tyer: Junji Ichimura, Naracity Nara, Japan

Third Place - Free Style
Green Rainbow
Green Rainbow
Tyer: Olli Oikarinen, Kajaani, Finland

On behalf of FAOL and myself, I'd like to thank all of the entrants to this tying contest. Each and every one of you were winners by taking the time and making the effort to push your tying skills a bit higher than you might have otherwise done.

The point of having this contest was/is to bring new Tyers to the craft and help make existing Tyers better. If any of the of the entrants would like to go over their flies with me from a technical point of view, please feel free to email me at rlucas@cybcon.com or phone at 503-654-0466. I'll be more than happy to give some input that may help fine tune your flies.

Until the next contest.

Happy Trails! ~ Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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