Freestyle Fly Tying Contest

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My 1st Time

My 1st Time
by Keith Brown

    Hook:  Daiichi, Alec Jackson 3/0.

    Tag:  Oval gold tinsel, purple floss ribbed with flat silver tinsel.

    Tail:  Golden Pheasant crest over Amgold crest.

    Butt:  Red Peacock herl.

    Body:  Rear 1/3 blue dun rabbit dubbing, clipped short ribbed with oval gold tinsel, veiled with blue Peacock on top and Mandarin Duck head feathers below, joint of red Peacock herl, 1/3 orange floss ribbed with flat gold tinsel, 1/3 salmon pink rabbit dubbing.

    Hackle:  Purple dyed Shell Duck flank stripped on one side starting at second turn of flat tinsel and over rabbit dubbing.

    Throat:  Two Golden Pheasant breast feathers.

    Wing:  Blue Jay over Mandarin Duck.

    Cheek:  Blue Jay over Mandarin Duck.

    Head:  Salmon pink rabbit dubbing, black thread.

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