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Best Of Breed Spey

Best Of Breed Spey
by Kevin J. Czarzasty, Watertown, CT

    Hook:  Partridge CS10/1 Bartleet Traditional Salmon Hook Sz 1.

    Tag:  Flat Gold Mylar Tinsel.

    Tail:  Golden Pheasant Crest.

    Butt:  Purple Uni Stretch Floss.

    Body:  Back Half Yellow Angora Goat, Front Half Purple Uni Stretch Floss.

    Rib:  Flat Gold Mylar Tinsel followed by Gold French Tinsel.

    Hackle:  Blue Eared Pheasant Body Feather starting at the Purple Floss.

    Throat:  Lemon Wood Duck Breast Feather.

    Cheeks:  Jungle Cock Eye.

    Wing:  Yellow Swan Substitute (Turkey Tail Feather or Goose Shoulder Feather) Set in a Dee Wing Pattern.

    Thread:  Black Danville Flymaster 6/0.

    Head:  1 coat Black Cellire and 2 coats Clear Cellire.

The theme from this fly comes from the American Kennel Club's Best of Breed Ribbon colors. My wife is a professional dog show handler and we breed, exhibit, and field trial English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels.

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