Wet Fly Tying Contest

Vote for your favorite fly in this Contest for Readers Choice! Click HERE to send your vote to Ronn Lucas, Sr. (rlucas@cybcon.com). Please put Contest in the Subject line, and give the name of the fly. One vote per person please. Cut-off date for Voting is May 15, 2005.


by Alun Thomas, Salt Lake City, UT

    Tag:  Embossed silver tinsel.

    Tail:  Golden pheasant tippets and topping.

    Body:  Back half yellow/orange seal's fur ribbed with silver oval tinsel with yellow cock hackle. Front half black seal's fur ribbed with silver oval tinsel with blue eared pheasant body feather hackle.

    Throat hackle:  Barred teal feather.

    Wing:  Cinnamon turkey tail feather.

    Sides:  Jungle cock eye feathers.

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