Announcement of the Second Annual FAOL Atlantic Salmon & Steelhead Fly Tying Contest

After the success of FAOL's first Fly Tying Contest last year, we were even more convinced that this ought to be an annual event for our readers. So, it is with pleasure that we announce this year's contest.

We will accept entries from November 15, 2004 to March 31, 2005.

We will have two main categories this year:

  • Wet fly, hair wing, Speys & Dees, other sub-surface flies.

  • Free style fly which must contain Peacock &/or Peahen in the dressing. Peafowl are Peacocks and Peahens. Any breed or combination may be used. The designation free style would not necessarily prohibit the entry/ies of a classic dressing as long as obvious changes have been made. It could also be some wild featherwing streamer. Free style really opens it up to just about anything wild & crazy.

There will be three winners in the two main categories and one Reader's Choice award.

No fee to enter.

Number of entries per Tyer limited to two, in one or both categories


Dennis and Liz Conrad of Conranch Hackle have offered to sponsor the major prizes this year.

Ron Reinhold, master hook maker, has offered some of his presentation grade blind eye hooks. These will be a part of the free style category.

Free Style:

First: One full Blue Eared Pheasant skin and three Ron Reinhold presentation hooks.

Second: One #1 Cape and 1 #3 Saddle and two Ron Reinhold presentation hooks.

Third: One #2 cape and 1 #3 saddle and one Ron Reinhold presentation hook.

Wet Fly:

First: One full Blue Eared Pheasant skin.

Second: One #1 Cape and 1 #3 Saddle.

Third: One #2 cape and 1 #3 saddle.

Reader's Choice:

One exotic Pheasant skin.


    1. This is very important. Be sure to indicate which of the two categories your fly/s should be entered in. If you do not, your fly may not get into the right one and the results could be disappointing for you.

    2. Flies submitted must be for Salmon &/or Steelhead. The free style flies needn't be fishable but must be on a hook.

    3. Include your name and mailing address, email address if any, pattern name, pattern recipe, a hard copy of all of this information and a floppy disc with the info on it will be a big help.

    4. Only two flies are permitted from each Tyer and they can be in one or both categories.

    5. Free style flies must contain feathers from Peafowl as part of their dressing/s.

    6. Flies and info will become property of FAOL. Most if not all will be donated to fly fishing clubs for their fundraising efforts.

    7. Mail entries to Ronn Lucas, Sr., 13535 SE Beech, Milwaukie OR 97267, USA. Flies must reach us by March 31, 2005 to be eligible.

About the Judging:

It was evident last year that by having only one category, extremely well tied simple flies simply couldn't compete with the more complex fully dressed flies. Also, the point system criteria which placed the Reader's choice and creativity as almost two thirds of the overall vote, was just too high. These components elevated some flies while other very and maybe even more deserving entries could not be given their just due.

To hopefully even the playing field, this year, Reader's choice will stand alone. Creativity will have a less but still significant role in the final scores particularly in the free style category.

These contests are presented to you, the readership to encourage your fly tying skills growth by competing head to head with your peers and to have fun.

A few words regarding the voting for the main categories. We will receive many entries tied by tyers of varying skill levels. I encourage every Tyer to try to do his/her very best and to have fun with the contest. All entries will be photographed and shown in the Atlantic Tying section here at FAOL. Remember, when we judge the flies, every small detail can and will have a big influence on the score. Crooked ribs, lumpy floss, head cement wicking into the body or wings, fuzz showing in the head and every other consideration will effect the final score. Be very critical of your flies.

Most contests will not give you the above information but we want each of you to reach deep within yourselves to refine and expand your skills. This is the best prize we as Tyers can win in tying contests. Sure the other prizes are great too but, this is a hobby and if we don't improve our skills, we become stagnant and too often our interest will fade.

Finally, please support our sponsors for this contest and FAOL in general.

Now, let the contest begin!

Should anyone have any questions regarding the contest or any facet of the series, please contact me at 503-654-0466 or, rlucas@cybcon.com or, 13535 SE Beech, Milwaukie OR 97267.

Happy Trails! ~ Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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