A few months ago we at FAOL started a contest for the readers to submit a fly or two that contained Ringneck Pheasant feathers in the recipes. I must say that we got a lot of outstanding entries to this contest.

I'd like to thank the Tyers who entered their flies and for the hard work that went into them. Some were straightforward patterns and others were fanciful creations. All are works of art that each Tyer can be proud of.

First Place and Reader's Choice
The North Wind
Tyer: Jukka Nissinen

Second Place
Tyer: Richard Connors

Third Place
Iron Age III
Tyer: John Sievert

On behalf of FAOL and myself, I'd like to thank all of the entrants to this tying contest. Each and every one of you were winners by taking the time and making the effort to push your tying skills a bit higher than you might have otherwise done.

Unfortunately, not every one of you can be a prize winner. Since this was the first of what we plan to be an annual event, we are learning too. I'd like to emphasize a bit on the judging. The reader's choice played a very big role in the final three winners. There were several other flies that could have easily been in the top three because of technical and creativity points had the judging based solely on these two categories. Regardless of that, I think you'll all agree that these three flies deserve their places in the winner's circle.

The point of having this contest was/is to bring new Tyers to the craft and help make existing Tyers better. If any of the of the entrants would like to go over their flies with me from a technical point of view, please feel free to email me at rlucas@cybcon.com or phone at 503-654-0466. I'll be more than happy to give some input that may help fine tune your flies.

Until the next contest.

Happy Trails! ~ Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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