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Cheap Atlantic, lesson three, - Patriot Three

Patriot Three

This third fly for the "cheap Atlantic" section I call Patriot Three. Like many if not most Tyers, after the horrific events of 9/11, I tied a few flies that incorporated the red, white and blue found in the American Flag. This pattern is one of them.

This is a very simple fly to tie mostly due to the fact that Golden Pheasant tippet feathers are so easy to use for wings. Their shape and structure was designed with Tyers in mind.

Patriot Three
By Ronn Lucas, Sr.

    Hook:  Partridge.

    Thread:  White UNI-Thread 8/0 for most of the tying and finished with black 8/0.

    Tag:  Silver oval UNI-Tinsel and Yellow UNI-Floss, veiled below with Wigeon.

    Tail:  Golden Pheasant body.

    Butt:  Black Ostrich.

    Body:  Blue UNI-Floss in the rear and purple in front.

    Rib:  Gold twist (a multi strand tinsel).

    Hackle:   Blue, fairly long barbed.

    Throat:   Guinea.

    Wing:   Dyed red GP tippet.

    Side:   Lady Amherst.

    Cheek:   Trimmed Guinea and Amherst head feathers.

    Topping:   Lady Amherst crest, short.

    Horns:   Herl.

1. Select wing and size it.

2. Select and size the sides.

3. Apply tag and tie in tail.

4. Attach the tag veil. Note: you can tie this in before the tail too.

5. Apply butt, tie in the rib with the folded hackle by it's tip next to the rib, advance the thread in flat close turns binding the rib end along the rear of the hook.

6. Apply the rear segment of the floss as shown, trim waste and tie in the purple floss.

7. Apply purple floss as shown.

8. Advance the rib in five even turns ending well behind the eye of the hook. Tie off below the shank.

9. Advance the hackle close behind the rib with two or three turns at the eye trim the barbs on top.

10. Apply the Guinea throat as shown.

11. Set the wing and sides.

12. Potential cheek (Starling).

13. Potential cheek, in this case trimmed Guinea.

14. Flattening and twisting the feather shaft for the cheek.

15. Tie in the cheek.

16. Tie in second cheek feather.

17. Tie in the topping.

18. Tie in herl horns.

19. Finished fly.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you might have about these patterns. You can reach me at or 503-654-0466.

Also, I will be happy to accept any flies you would like to tie and send to me for inclusion in this series. I will need the fly, it's recipe, any pattern info and, a short personal bio. I will try to include every fly we get in the appropriate section. The only limitation is that the patterns used must be for Salmon and/or Steelhead. This includes the display flies too.

Happy Trails! ~ Ronn Lucas, Sr.

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