Cheap Atlantics

Amherst & Teal
By Ronn Lucas Sr.


    Hook: Partridge Bartleet.

    Thread/Head: Black/Black.

    Tag: Uni French oval xs silver tinsel and orange Uni Floss.

    Tail: Golden Pheasant topping veiled by 6 herl each side of gold body feather of Peacock.

    Butt: Black Ostrich.

    Body: Rear lt. Blue Uni Floss ribbed with blue Uni Micro tinsel and counter ribbed with red Uni Micro tinsel veiled with dyed purple feathers from a GP that are just under the tippets and before the body feathers, body joint of black Ostrich, front royal blue Uni Floss ribbed and counter ribbed with xs Uni French oval silver tinsel.

    Throat: Green Wing Teal, Peacock.

    Wing: Green Lady Amherst body feather.

    Sides: Tan tip Amherst saddle feather.

    Cheek: White tippet of Lady Amherst.

    Topping: Golden Pheasant over wing and throat.

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