Cheap Atlantics

Just Ducky
By Ronn Lucas Sr.


    Hook: Partridge Bartleet.

    Thread/Head: Black/Black.

    Tag: Fine oval Silver tinsel and red floss.

    Tail: Topping, veiled with two Northern Bobwhite feathers back to back.

    Butt: Black Ostrich.

    Body: Rear 1/2 Uni Floss Emerald Green ribbed and counter ribbed with fine silver oval tinsel veiled on top with a Starling feather and on the bottom with two white tipped Ringneck neck feathers back to back, body Joint, black Ostrich, front 1/2, gold embossed tinsel ribbed with two fine oval silver tinsel flanking purple thread.

    Throat: Purple Guinea.

    Wing: Pintail Duck.

    Sides: Ringneck Pheasant.

    Cheek: Ringneck Pheasant.

    Topping: Golden Pheasant crest.

    Horns: Golden Pheasant tail.

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