Cheap Atlantics

Ruffled Fantasy
By Ronn Lucas Sr.


    Hook: Heritage 7/0 long shank blind eye.

    Thread/Head: Black/Black.

    Tag: Fine oval Silver tinsel and yellow floss with extra fine blue tinsel rib and counter ribbed.

    Tail: Topping, veiled with two Amherst head feathers back to back on top.

    Body: Rear 2/3 UNI-Floss orange ribbed with fine silver oval UNI-Tinsel backed with blue twist tinsel counter ribbed with blue twist tinsel, veiled on top with one blue dyed hen neck feather, below, back to back two Reeves Pheasant feathers, body joint of dyed brown grizzly Hoffman saddle hackle, front 1/3 blue grey mylar braid.

    Butt: Blue Ostrich.

    Throat: Two Reeves Pheasant feathers back to back and slightly larger than the prior two and with some of the "fluff" still on and topped with a small barred Teal feather.

    Wing: Ruffed Grouse tail feathers.

    Sides: Two Gold Peacock body feathers.

    Topping: Amherst crest feather.

    Horns: Elk mane.

    Head: Grey Ostrich and black lacquer.

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