Recommended Books for
Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Flies
By Ronn Lucas, Sr.

Suggested Reading:

*This list, as is the case with most of the series sections, will be updated as new books and styles of flies/tying are added to the series.

Mike Radencich, Tyer and photographer extraordinaire has done it once again. He has recently produced and is selling a two DVD titled, Tying the Classic Salmon Fly. Mike shows all the steps and techniques necessary to tie the Jock Scott, from start to finish and, it's very comprehensive with over 3 hours of fly tying video.

Anything Mike does is first rate so I have confidence that you will get much more value from this set than its purchase price. Anyone interested can purchase it directly from him. The price is $49.95 + $5.00 postage for a total of $54.95. You can email Mike at for his mailing address and instructions on how to secure a set for your library.

Flies for Atlantic Salmon
by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
Distributed by Lyons & Burford

This book and Flies for Steelhead by the same authors have a lot of patterns, their recipes and some historical info on the patterns. Neither book has any information on how to tie the patterns. They are more a pattern resource than anything else.

Flies for Steelhead
by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
Distributed by Lyons & Burford
See Flies for Atlantic Salmon above.

Steelhead Fly Tying Guide
by H. Kent Helvie
Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
PO Box 82112
Portland OR 97282

Helvie has produced a great book that not only gives a lot of patterns and recipes but some well photographed instructions for tying many styles of flies. It is a very good reference book.

Classic Salmon Flies, History & Patterns
by Mikael Frodin
Bonanza Books

This book has many classic Atlantic Salmon Flies, the recipes and the history of each pattern. Tyers of the classics will want this book.

Tying the Classic Salmon Fly
by Michael D. Radencich
Stackpole Books

This book has several top Tyers who present well photographed tying instructions. Also included are chapters on dying materials by Ted Roubal who is a chemist specializing in dying materials for fly tying. Eugene Sunday has a chapter on making hooks and there is a section on framing flies done by Darwin Atkin. The last chapter features flies from quite a few of the top Tyers of Atlantic Salmon flies.

Building Classic Salmon Flies
by Ron Alcott
The Countryman Press

Ron is a Master of tying the Atlantic Salmon flies and this book shows how he does it. It will be a valuable book for the Tyer's library.

Shrimp & Spey Flies For Salmon & Steelhead
by Chris Mann & Robert Gillespie
Stackpole Books

This book has a huge selection of Shrimp & Spey flies from around the world and a lot of the history of them. While the flies are tied by some fantastic Tyers, the photos were digitized and in my opinion rendered "sterile" for lack of a better term. The flies have been made to look like drawings and as though the same Tyer tied them all. It is loaded with patterns and recipes but there are no tying instructions.

The Atlantic Salmon Fly
by Judith Dunham
Chronicle Books

This book is beautifully done and showcases the works of many of the world's top Tyers and belongs in your collection.

Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies
by Trey Combs
Salmon Trout Steelheader

This is an important book on The Pacific Northwest Steelhead fishing.

Pretty & Practical Salmon Flies
by Dick Talleur
Abenaki Publishers, Inc.

This is another of Talleur's great tying books. It shows how to tie most of the styles of Salmon flies from hair wings to the full dressed flies. It's a good book to have.

How to Dress Salmon Flies
by T.E. Pryce-Tannatt
Published by Adam And Charles Black

This book is one of the most important books on tying the classic Atlantic Salmon Flies. It was first published in 1914 and has been reprinted several times. For the student of the history of the craft, this is a must have book.

Salmon Flies, Their Character, Style and Dressing
by Poul Jorgensen
Stackpole Books

Many Tyers "cut their teeth" on Poul's book. It belongs in your collection.

Century End, A Fly Tying Journey
by Paul Ptalis
Published by Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
PO Box 82112
Portland OR 97282

Century End is a great book that artistic Tyers will find stimulating. I recommend it.

Atlantic Salmon Flies & Fishing
by Joseph D. Bates, Jr.
Stackpole Books

This book has a lot of patterns and recipes and how to fish them. It has no tying content.

Rare & Unusual Fly Tying Materials
Vol. 1 Birds & Vol. 2 Birds & Mammals
by Paul Schmookler and Ingrid V. Sils
Complete Sportsman

These two books are what I call "bench mark" books. They are huge physically and have been printed with extreme care with the highest quality possible. Volume 1 is out of print and the first edition now commands several hundred dollars on the secondary market. If you can afford the price and can find a copy for sale, I recommend it. It should only go up in value and every page is filled with beautiful photos of rare materials and the flies tied with them. Volume 2 is equally beautiful and is still available. There is no tying information but the flies will stimulate your creativity.

Forgotten Flies
by Paul Schmookler and Ingrid V. Sils
Complete Sportsman

This is another masterpiece of printing and a must have book for not only the vast contents of historical Tyers and their works but, those of contemporary Tyers as well. This book is available and, I believe collectors will value it once it is out of print.

Classic Salmon Fly Dressing
by Ken Sawada
Tulchan Books

Ken Sawada is a recognized Master Tyer from Japan. Ken is best known for his beautiful "Free Style" Atlantic Salmon Flies and his mastery of the married wing. This book is written in Japanese and English and contains quite a few patterns both his and the classics in step shots. You will find some of Ken's "secrets" within the pages of his book. He also shows hundreds of the classic Atlantic Salmon Flies and gives the recipes for them. This is an important book and one worth having although the numbers of books left are small.

Carrie Stevens, Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies
by Graydon Hilyard and his son, Leslie Hilyard
Stackpole Books.

This book is a beautifully done and as complete a record of Carrie Stevens' life and work as you are to find. If you have an interest in Stevens and her streamers, you owe it to yourself to make this volume part of your book collection.

Publishers Note: This list was compiled by Ronn Lucas, Sr. and is provided as a service to our readers. If we have omitted your favorite books for Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead flies, and you are willing to recommend them, please sent the information to and we will add them to this listing. ~ DLB

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