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Green Highlander

By Alan the Highlander

Green Highlander

Extracts from Two Hundred Popular Flies
by Tom Stewart
Published by A& C Black

Here is a salmon fly very popular in the north of Scotland. It is an attractive looking fly which has found favour on rivers such as The Helmsdale in Sutherland.

I noticed the "traditional" Green Highlander was done a few weeks ago as Fly of the Week. This one is not tied with exotic materials, and is fished.

To Dress this pattern tie in a piece of round or oval silver for tag, following this with pale yellow floss for tip. Tail is golden pheasant topping surmounted by substitute red ibis, a dyed swan or goose will do. Butt consists of a few turns of ostrich herl.

Body consists of 2/3 yellow floss 1/3 bright green floss ribbed with oval silver tinsel. Hackle is yellow henny cock followed by bright green in front. Wing is married strands of turkey top, green swan or goose below. Narrow strips of teal flank are added to sides, folded over to slightly veil turkey.

A topping of golden pheasant is then added to complete wing, this should extend to meet tail feather. Jungle cock cheeks can be added if required, but they can be left out without detracting from the fly's attractivness. Cheeks of indian crow can be added if you wish.

Tie it, admire it a truly beautiful creation from a long line of traditional patterns from yesteryear. Incidently these fly types can be mounted in picture frames, a welcome addition to any den.

Acknowledgement to Tom Stewart author of Two Hundred Popular Flies, publishers: A&C Black.

Tight lines! ~ Alan the Highlander

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