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Fly Fishing Scotland

By Franz Grimley

River Tay

The beautiful River Tay

Okay, it rains here. If your ideal vacation is sunshine and sand, visit Florida or Spain. But if you love to fish in clean rivers that hold plenty of wild brown trout, grayling, sea-run brown trout and Atlantic salmon then Scotland is the place to do it. From the picture above you will see it's big, beautiful and full of wild brown trout, grayling and salmon. Dry fly fishing and nymphing for trout and grayling can be superb from as early as mid-March when the trout season opens. Good hatches of flies ensure surface-feeding fish that will engulf the anglers imitation with a sipping swirl followed by a headlong rush for freedom. Salmon fishing is available from January 15th when the (fool) hardy angler sets out in search of a fighting bar of silver known locally as a "Springer". The salmon season builds towards a peak during September and October and rods are available with prior notice. The cost of salmon fishing is invariably more than that of the trout fishing so please consult us before booking.

Perthshire region of Scotland

More Scottish Rivers

The river Earn (Perthshire):

A smaller, slower-flowing tributary of the Tay that flows through lush meadows and prime agricultural land. It holds good brown trout and some excellent grayling, with sea trout and salmon visiting in early Spring, Mid-Summer and Autumn.

The river Tummel (Perthshire):

The Tummel is a big, fast flowing challenge. It holds some really big trout and grayling that will test the angler's skill to the max. It is the Venue of the Scottish National fly fishing championships and anglers from all over the country meet here throughout the championships to pit their wits against these beauties. This is one of our favourite spots to take clients who have at least intermediate experience. Dry fly and nymph fishing can be superb and our specially developed "deep nymph" techniques can winkle good fish from runs and pools that we'd previously thought impossible.

The river Ericht (Perthshire):

Another smaller tributary of the Tay that is home to some superb runs of salmon during early April, mid-summer and later again during September and October.

The river Tweed (Scottish Borders):

The river Tweed is undoubtedly one of the best all-round fishing venues in the country. It holds superb trout and some amazing grayling. April to the end of May will see fish rising during mid-day into late afternoon while during June, July and August the best rises will occur in the morning and evening. September will see fish feeding during mid to late afternoon as they build up stores of protein for the coming close season. There are numerous beats available, all of which contain superb scenery and wonderful fishing prospects.

River Tevoit

As befits our business title Scottish Fishing Guides we do, on occasion, take our clients to other superb rivers in different areas of Scotland such as the rivers Clyde and Teviot (Tevoit pictured above).

Loch fishing

Loch Tummel "Traditional Loch style" fishing from a 16ft boat, using dry and wet fly, is a practice almost unknown to most anglers from other parts of the world. Here it has been practised for hundreds of years and is a most effective and pleasant way to catch fish. In superb surroundings our lochs, such as Loch Leven and the Lake of Mentieth make this form of fishing a truly scenic experience.

Famous brown trout and fast growing rainbow trout can test the skills of the beginner and advanced angler alike.

So there you have it. A multitude of rivers and lochs patiently waiting for you to cast your fly over some fine fish. A land of history and a photographer's paradise. A land of friendly Celts whose ancestors travelled the world making friends the world over. Come and see it for yourself. ~ Franz Grimley

Franz Grimley ~ About Franz:
Franz Grimley, 8 times Scottish National River Team member and current Team captain, and coach Scottish World Fly Fishing Team member, Poland, 1998. Fully qualified Guide, Advanced Instructor, and Patagonia guide. E-mail Franz Grimley at

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