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Teal Blue Variant

By Alan the Highlander
Teal Blue Variant
Extracts from Two Hundred Popular Flies
by Tom Stewart
Published by A& C Black

Whether it is tied as single or tandem, The Teal & Silver as it is also known, is one of the more deadly flies when the quarry is sea trout or salmon in brackish water. The view is it resembles fry or sprats on which they are accustomed to feed in salt water.

In its smaller sizes 14s to 10s (old numbers) can be useful for browns especially at night in high summer. In some respects it is a simplified form of the Silver Doctor, a well known salmon pattern.

Dress the pattern shown as follows:

      Hook: 14s to 6. (old Numbers)

      Silk: Black.

      Tail: 5 or 6 golden pheasant tippet fibres.

      Body: Medium flat tinsel, pearl, (Veniard) ribbed with fine silver wire to protect flat tinsel. One can also smear shank with a light coating of varnish, this helps to protect tinsel from teeth of fish. In fact, I would go so far to suggest that at all times tinsel bodies should be treated in either way.

      Hackle: Kingfisherblue henny cock, tied fairly long to mask hook point.

      Wing: Grey squirrel, tied sparse, followed by barred teal tied folded over hair. Hair is omitted in smaller sizes.

      Head: Whip finish head and paint with red varnish.

The original pattern has silver flat body, hair is omitted, and head is black varnish. Hook sizes range from10s to 6s (old numbers).

Acknowledgement to Tom Stewart author of Two Hundred Popular Flies, publishers: A&C Black.

Tight lines!~ Alan the Highlander

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