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December 4th, 2006

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Kahlua Fruit Dip
By (lost the name, let me know if this is yours?)

For the people who like dips try this one, it is always a hit at Christmas parties.


    8 ounces cream cheese, softened

    3/4 cup granulated sugar

    1/3 cup Kahl˙a

    1 cup sour cream

Beat the cream cheese in a mixer bowl until smooth. Add the sugar gradually, beating constantly for 5 minutes or until light and fluffy. Add the Kahl˙a. Beat for 1 minute or until blended. Fold in sour cream.

Chill, covered for 2 hours.

You can serve this with all kinds of fruits but the very best is 1/2 inch thick slices of ripe banana. I guarantee you will go thur a whole bunch of bananas as soon as people start trying the dip. I set a container of plastic forks beside the dip so people can dip without getting their fingers sticky. ~ ?

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