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November 20th, 2006

Change of seasons again. Time for the good old comfort food. Maybe the family soup recipe? Have a favorite fall or winter standby? Share you recipe with us all!

Escarole and Sausage Soup
By Diane Maluso, NY

This one's an old family favorite. I don't use a recipe but when I made it earlier this week I paid attention and wrote it down:


    1 large bunch of escarole or swiss chard (or two small bunches)

    1 pounds of Italian Sausage (hot or sweet or a mix; links or patties)

    2 boxes of chicken broth (total is 64 ounces..can use homemade or cans)

    2 cans of great northern beans or navy beans


    Cook the sausage in a frying pan, cut into bite-sized pieces (not too small) and put aside.

    Pour chicken broth into a soup pot and turn on the flame.

    Rinse escarole/chard and cut into pieces (each stalk about 5 pieces to get idea of size).

    Add escarole and sausage to broth and continue to heat.

    Add beans (including liquid from cans) to the pot. Black pepper, basil, and possibly salt (probably won't need salt, taste first) to taste.

    You may need to add up to another cup or two of water, depending on how thick/thin you like it.

    Cook on stovetop burner for about 20 mins to half hour or until greens are completely cooked.

    This soup is really good with some parmesan cheese on top and some Italian bread to dunk. ~ DM

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