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October 13th, 2008

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Curried BBQ Chicken
Submitted by ? (Is this your recipe?)

One for the BBQ - very tasty and just the aroma of it cooking will bring the folks to the table.


    You will need:
    Chicken parts to your taste - thighs work well since the shape is uniform.

    Canned coconut milk

    Hot Curry Powder (or sweet curry if you don't care for the hot flavor.)

    METHOD: Wash chicken parts and dry on paper towels.

    Put chicken parts in plastic bag and add the coconut milk. (One can will do 8 thighs or so.)

    Marinate the chicken in the coconut milk for a minimum of three hours.

    Light grill, remove chicken from bag and sprinkle liberally on one side with the curry powder. Save coconut milk for later.

    Place curry side down on grill and cook over medium heat about 15 minutes on one side. Dip the partially cooked chicken in the reserved coconut milk. Sprinkle curry on the 'upside' and return to grill, with the uncooked side down.

    Cook about 15 minutes on the second side. If you like lots of curry, dip back in the coconut milk and apply more curry as you want.

    Insert a bamboo skewer in the thickest part of a piece and watch for the juices to run out. If the juices are pink the chicken isn't done, cook another 5 minutes on each side and test again.

    Try it served with rice, Japanese noodles, or baked potatoes. A fresh fruit plate is a nice accompaniment. Allow two pieces of chicken per person. (Also good cold.) ~ ?


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