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October 10th, 2005

Summer's almost over! Time to change gears again! How about some favorite fall recipes? Upland Game birds? Duck? What are you hungry for? Send your favorite recipes to us!

Onslow Trout
From Tony Calder, New Zealand

Some of the most memorable meals I have eaten have taken place at Lake Onslow, Central Otago New Zealand. The recipe will be challenging for some however varying the ingredients to suit your circumstances is not a problem.



    1 x Floating WF 6 wgt Line

    1 x 6 wgt Rod

    1 x Reel

    1 x Leader and Tippet (size is not critical you choose).

    1 x Dry Fly; Cicada, Adams, Humpy etc size 10-14 in each just in case.

    1 x Mid summer day, hot but not too hot with gentle over shoulder breeze riffling surface.

    1 x 900mm length of tin foil neatly folded to form tidy package able to be reopened with out damage.

    2 x healthy tablespoons of BUTTER (not some artificial substitute, for once screw the cholesterol!) in a small sealed bottle.

    Salt and pepper to taste, mix it in with the butter.

    Garlic is good too if you wish to add. Avoid other Anglers though.

    1. Travel to Lake Onslow, time will vary from 45 mins to several days.

    2. Spend time admiring views and scenery.

    3. Assemble rod, attach reel, run line through guides.

    4. Re-run line through guides after you realize you missed two admiring views.

    5. Tie on Tippet choice.

    6. Tie on selected fly from list above.

    7. Cast to rising fish.

    8. Look for another due to poor cast.

    9. Locate another rising fish and this time spend time analyzing beat, rise form, fly life present.

    10. Reselect fly and tie on.

    11. Present perfect cast to rising fish.

    12. Mistime the strike and pull fly from trouts mouth.

    13. Repeat step 9, step 10 (if required) and 11.

    14. Connect to fish and after protracted battle in which backing just about runs out net fish.

    15. Clean fish including scaling.

    16. Build small fire with driftwood on shingle beach, not in amongst the 30,000 acres of Tussock surrounding lake. If you build small fire in tussock this will grow to be large fire in tussock and will require you to spend some days possibly standing in lake waiting for it to stop.

    17. Let fire die down to embers.

    18. Place trout on suitably sized piece of tinfoil.

    19. Place butter, salt and pepper and Garlic if not fishing with others, in belly cavity and all over fish.

    20. Tightly wrap prepared fish in of tinfoil.

    21. Place in embers for length of time it takes to smoke cigarette, cigar or pipe and admire view.

    22. Turn fish over.

    23. Repeat step 21.

    24. Remove package from embers, open out tin foil and form into plate shape, careful it will be hot (that bit was for the dummies of this world).

    25. Eat Trout with fingers or knife making suitably satisfied sounds as trout is consumed.

    26. Upon completion of meal put out fire otherwise you could have problem. Please refer Step 16.

    27. Light cigarette, cigar or pipe lay back and gaze at cloud formations. ~ TC

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