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August 29th, 2005

Summer's almost over! Time to change gears again! How about some favorite fall recipes? Upland Game birds? Duck? What are you hungry for? Send your favorite recipes to us!

Ham on a Stick
From LadyFisher

Do you need something spectacular for a group? Maybe a Labor Day Picnic? (Or you could save this one for Easter.) This one is a bit involved, but well worth the effort.

You will need:

    a barbeque with a rotisserie spit

    1 whole smoked ham

    2 Cups packed brown sugar

    2 Cups pineapple juice

    fresh ginger

If you are handy with a knife you can bone out the ham yourself, if not, the butcher in your local supermarket can do it for you. Once it is boned out, roll up tightly and tie as a rolled roast.

Heat together the brown sugar and pineapple juice, (equal parts with about a tablespoon of finely chopped fresh ginger to 2 cups liquid.) This is the basting mixture and glaze. If you don't like ginger just leave it out, but it does nicely flavor the ham.

Thread the ham on the rotisserie spit centering it carefully to balance it. (Some rotisseries have weights which slide on the spit to help with balancing the meat.)

Roast at medium heat, 300 degrees or a tad higher and baste with glaze mixture every 20 minutes. This will take about 3 hours, and the glaze will form a hard crust over the ham sealing all the juices and flavor inside. The crust is very edible. ~ LF

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