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August 25th, 2008

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Prairie Dogs

So named because they were a favorite of the legendary 'Bat' Masterson. He was more fond of these than most anything else he could have to eat. They are in reality nothing more than a hot dog but with a rather unique twist.

Imagine a hot dog with no mustard. How about no onions, no ketchup, no chilli, no salt, no pepper, none of those condiments we have grown to hold near and dear to our hearts? They do have some things on them though. Trust me, these aren't your regular hot dogs. These might deserve the moniker of 'Prairie Dogs.' Here is how 'Bat' made them.

    Start with any wiener of your choice. It doesn't seem to make much difference and back in his time there were not too many varieties available.

    Make a slit down the length being very careful not to go all the way through, separating the thing into two halves.

    Rub a heavy layer of Sage into the grove, making sure to well cover both exposed sides.

    Fry on the back side.

    Turn over and fry the other side.

    Assemble the wiener in a bun with some thinly sliced dill pickle on one side and a generous slathering of Worcestershire sauce on the other side.

    Nothing else is required with the exception of possibly some potato salad as a garnish. ~ JC


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