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August 7th, 2006

What is your very favorite summer food? Dinner outdoors? Picnic? Dish to pass? Or something quick so you can get outside? Share you recipe with us all!

BBQ Ribs & BBQ Potatoes
Sent in by Jamie Webb (mcmutt)

Start off with a full rack of back ribs,cut in half. Rub either BBQ or All Dressed popcorn seasoning on the meat side only. Put in an airtight container and leave overnight in the fridge.

On the second morning, make your sauce.

The sauce consists of:

    3/4 of a bottle of Bullseye Old West Hickory sauce

    1/3-1/2 C molasses

    1/2 - 1 oz Jack Daniels.

    Set aside.

Tale a length of aluminum foil 3 times as long as each section of ribs.Fold in half,shiny side out. Place some of the sauce in the bottom of the foil, place the rib section in the foil, and add more sauce over the top.

Fold the foil over the rib section lengthways and crimp shut on top, fold the ends over top of the center and do the same. Each rib section should use 1/3 of the sauce. Put in the fridge overnight until just before you're going to cook them.

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees F. Place the packets on a brownie pan and bake for 2 hours. At the end of the 2 hrs, open the foil up & bake open for 1/2 hr. Now, you can either leave in on for another 15-20 minutes, or remove them from the foil and finish them off over a charcoal bbq.

The remaining sauce can be spread over the ribs just before serving. Serve with a smile and a hungry tummy.

BBQ Potatoes

How many times have you cursed because you've punctured the foil and spilled out all the butter on the potato packet? My recipe mostly eliminates it.

Cut the spuds lenghtways in half,then place flat side down and cut in half again (skin on). Then, cut them into chunks sideways along the width.

Fill a metal brownie pan (10 x 12") with the potato chunks. Melt 1/3 C. butter in a microwave dish and pour over the spuds. Then, sprinkle either Montreal chicken spice or Montreal steak spice over the spuds liberally, coating the spuds. Cover with foil and place on the BBQ racks when you light it up. Turn the potatoes after 5 minutes, or when the sides brown up. Cook until tender. Remember to replace the foil after turning the spuds. Optional ingredients can include onions, and cubed peppers. ~ mcmutt

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