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July 31st, 2006

What is your very favorite summer food? Dinner outdoors? Picnic? Dish to pass? Or something quick so you can get outside? Share you recipe with us all!

Santa Fe Dining Car French Toast
Sent in by Jonezee

This recipe was found in my grandmother's cookbook, cut from an Oregonian Newspaper probably some time in the early sixties. Yes, it is a little on the production side, but even if you only make these once, the unique taste and texture is worth the trouble.


    8 slices thick Texas Style white bread (let stand at room temperature, uncovered for a couple of hours before using).

    5-6 eggs

    Cup granulated sugar

    4-5 Cups corn flakes

    Cooking oil to coat pan


Whip up eggs with 2 tbsp cold water and place in shallow pan for dipping.

Crumble Corn Flakes but not into a fine powder and place in another shallow pan.

Dip dried bread into egg mixture (let bread soak up egg real good) and then drag through crumbled Corn Flakes coating the bread.

Fry on med/high heat in a oil lined frying pan.

Remove from pan after eggs just start to cook (don't over-cook).

Dip in egg mixture again and re-coat with Corn Flake crumbs.

Now place on foil lined cookie sheet lightly greased (sprayed on today).

Sprinkle a little of the sugar over each slice and bake in preheated over at 375 until toast puffs up.

Serve hot with real butter and real Maple Sugar.

We usually make this once a year as a special treat for grandchildren. I can almost hear the clicking of the tracks and the 'Woo-Woo' of the whistle as the dining car glides through the plains. ~ Jonezee

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