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May 1st, 2006

What is your very favorite spring food? Comfort food? Something to make the house smell nice all day? Or something quick so you can get outside? Share you recipe with us all!

Jack Strap
By Cajundood

While cooking at our hunting camp with minimal ingredients available, enjoying a few libations, and having nothing better to do at the time, we developed this "What the He**" recipe. I call it:

Jack Strap


    Section of venison tenderloin (elk, antelope or beef can be substituted.)
    Black Pepper
    Jack Daniels (or other premium whisky)


    Coat tenderloin liberally with freshly and coarsely ground black pepper.

    Place butter in pre-heated black iron skillet (medium high).

    Place seasoned venison tenderloin in skillet and cook until rare/medium rare, turning once. Handling more toughens the meat.

    When cooked to appropriate rareness, take tenderloin out to 'rest' and de-glaze the skillet with about 2 ounces of Jack Daniels to make sauce.

    Slice tenderloin into quarter-inch slices.

    Pour sauce over sliced tenderloin.

    Salt to taste.

Enjoy! ~ Cajundood

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