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April 6th, 2009

The wind is howling and it is snowing again! What is your very favorite winter comfort food? Casserole? Baked dinner? Super soup? Share you recipe with us all!

No Excuse Good Soup

From the Kitchen of Slipknot

In a good soup pot, heat some olive oil to saute a diced onion. Remove the excess fat from some beef stew meat, cut into small pieces and brown. When browned add the following canned (or fresh) vegetables you like or will eat:

    Kidney beans

    Whole kernel corn

    Green beans, or French cut green beans


    Stewed tomatoes

    Black beans, blackeye peas

    Carrots (can be cut fresh)

    Potatoes (fresh or from cans)

    Celery (cut fresh.)

Add water or chicken/beef broth. Simmer untill all are cooked and blended together. Add barley and cook until tender. Any fresh veg can be pre-cooked (carrots, potatoes, etc.)

~ Slipknot


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