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March 21st, 2005

Spring fever? Thinking about the first camping of the season? Time to change gears again! How about some good camp food. What are you hungry for? Send your favorite recipes to us!

Dutch Oven Cornish Game Hens
From the campsite of Lotech Joe, WA


    2 large yellow onions
    4 medium potatoes
    1 package baby carrots
    1 small head of cabbage
    2 Cornish Game Hens
    1 or 2 cans of ginger ale


      1. Slice a coin out of the center of each onion and place them in the bottom of a 12 inch dutch.

      2. Place the hens, backside down, on the onion coins. This will help keep them from sticking to the bottom of the dutch.

      3. Peel and cut the potatoes into 4ths and add to the dutch.

      4. Add the baby carrots to the dutch.

      5. Chunk cut the remainder of the onions and add them to the dutch.

      6. Cut the cabbage in 8ths and add to the dutch.

      7. Pour in 1-2 cans of ginger ale. This will create the steam needed for cooking.

      8. Salt & Pepper to tastes.

    Cooking Time

    Place the dutch, (lid on) over 12-14 hot BBQ briquettes.

    Place enough briquettes around the outside edge of the lid to go all the way around with 3-4 more closer to the center of the lid.

    Sit around the campfire, sharing fishing lies, and forget about dinner for 1 hour.

    Feeds 2 hungry liars, (er fishermen) with enough left over for 1 or 2 campsite drop-ins. ~ Lotech Joe

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