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March 6th, 2006

Cold winter! What is your very favorite winter food? Comfort food? Something to make the house smell nice all day? Share you recipe with us all!

Spaghetti with Scallops, Fish and Anchovy Sauce
By backbeach, East Bridgewater,Ma USA

Serves (2-3)


    1/2lb cod, haddock, Striped bass or other firm white fish,

    1/2lb sea scallops

    1/4 cup chopped parsley

    4 (or more)cloves of Garlic

    1/3 cup olive oil

    2tbs butter

    1 can of anchovies

    1/2lb thin spaghetti

    salt and pepper

    6oz. dry white wine

    optional cayenne pepper


Melt butter in 3tbs of oil in med heat, peel and crush garlic and saute til browned, add anchovies and mash as it cooks - it will liquify, add parsley - stir then place floured (and salt and peppered) fillets on top, turning once til cooked through. Remove the garlic to prevent it burning - now chop it up fine to add later.

As this cooks, melt 1 tbs each of butter and oil to a second saute' pan - again over med heat - add scallops. Don't turn them till they are on the verge of burning, then turn and carmelize the other side. Scoop out cooked fish and scallops into a cassarole dish and keep warm in your oven which should be set low (200deg).

Now splash 1/2 the wine into each pan - along with the chopped browned garlic and scrape the pans contents into one to get all the tasty bits. Pour this mixture into your cooked, drained spaghetti, mix well.

Now you can put the pasta on a platter and top with the fish and scallops. Serve with fresh Italian or French bread and a tossed salad and a chilled white wine and you have a great dinner and saved $50.00 that you would have spent at a restaurant. ~ backbeach, East Bridgewater,Ma USA

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