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February 14th, 2005

Cold weather is knocking on the door in most of the country - time to change gears! How about some good comfort food. What are you hungry for? Send your favorite winter recipes to us!

Beef Stew With Onions
By Bill Lavris (Snipe)


    3 lb Beef (bottom round or sirloin tip etc)
    1 Large onion finely chopped
    4 tbs butter and 1/3 cup olive oil
    3 lb small onions (boilers)
    1 1/3 cups diced caned tomatoes
    2 tablespoons tomato paste
    3/4 cup dry red wine (Demestica, Burgundy or what you like)
    3 tbs red wine vinegar or cider vinegar
    2 bay leaves
    1 1/2 teaspoons pickling spices tied in a cheese cloth bag OR 3 +/- cloves garlic
    2 cups water +/-


      1. Cut beef into 2" cubes.

      2. Saute' beef in butter and olive oil until browned with chopped onion.

      3. Add wine (spices or garlic) and vinegar, bring to a boil.

      4. Add tomato paste, and tomatoes with 2 cups of water and cook about 2 hours.

      5. When beef is almost done add the small whole onions and add water to cover if necessary. Taste and add more wine, salt and pepper to your taste.

      6. Cook until beef and onions are done.


    1. Plunge small onions into hot water for a few minutes to facilitate peeling.

    2. When peeling small onions (for the sake of appearance) be careful to cut only the roots off them...That way the onions will not fall apart. A few of the onions can have a clove stuck in them (AT THE ROOT) for additional spice. With a small sharp knife, slice from the top almost to the root in three places winding up with a cross section similar to that of a bamboo fly rod. When plating, open a few of them like Water Lilies to decorate and make the rod builders feel at home! Walk the extra mile for may want a new bamboo rod someday.

    ~ From Bill Lavris (Snipe)

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