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1st Quarter. 2009
What's Cookin' Archive

Dump Cake
Seared Scallops
Butter Top Honey Whole Wheat Bread
Smothered Chicken
Deer Chop Casserole

2nd Quarter. 2009
What's Cookin' Archive

No Excuse Good Soup
Angel Lush

3rd Quarter. 2009
What's Cookin' Archive

4th Qtr. 2009
What's Cookin' Archive


1st Quarter. 2008
What's Cookin' Archive

Hearty Ham Barley Soup
Cajun Blackened Blue Fish
Chicken Paprikash & Spaetzle
Venison Chili
Aloha Bread
Chocolate Dutch Oven Cake
Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns

2nd Quarter 2008
What's Cookin' Archive

Cinnamon Rolls
Coconut Shrimp
Morel Soup
Calico Beans
Dutch Oven Bread
Peppered Shrimp Cheesecake
Stuffed Crab Shells

3rd Quarter. 2008
What's Cookin' Archive

Shrimp Chowder with Mashed Potatoes
Not Julie's Swiss Onion Soup (NJSOS)
Walnut Crusted Halibut
Malaysian Prawns and Shrimp
Grilled Walleye
Prairie Dogs
Indian Method of Skinning Fish
No Knead Bread
Oatmeal Raisin Cake Cookies
Rye Bread

4th Qtr. 2008
What's Cookin' Archive

Curried BBQ Chicken
Honey Oatmeal Chewies
Pasta E Fagioli
Double Chocolate Pecan Crunchies Cake Cookies
Flat Egg Noodles with Basil
Chicken Parmesan
Shrimp Butter (Dip)
Dried Cherries, Pecans and Rosemary Brie en Croute
Hummingbird Cake


1st Quarter. 2007
What's Cookin' Archive

Planked Carp
Babine Style Bannock
Ice Box Cookies
Potato Pancakes
Ron's Creole 2Kool2B4gotten Chowder
Jamaican Beef

2nd Quarter. 2007
What's Cookin' Archive

Geoduck - The Chowder

3rd Quarter. 2007
What's Cookin' Archive

Panfish Tacos

4th Qtr. 2007
What's Cookin' Archive

Chicken Cordon Blue
Spicy Greek Lamb (or Chicken) Stew
Chicken Parmesan


1st Quarter. 2006
What's Cookin' Archive

Grandmother's Orange Cookies
Shrimp Remoulade
Classic Trout Almandine
Warp Drive Chocolate Pie
European Grilled Egg Sandwich
Trout Ski's Potatoe Leek Latkes
Polish Sausage In Onion/Bay Sauce
Alma's Cabbage
Beef Tenderloin
Spaghetti with Scallops, Fish and Anchovy Sauce
Carrots Supreme
Scallops with Tomato Sauce and Noodles
Candy Yams

2nd Quarter 2006
What's Cookin' Archive

Garlic and Ginger Crusted Salmon
Poor Mans Crab Legs
Baked Bluefish in Butter and Parsley Jack Strap
Sweet Potato Salads
Steamed Trout
Cheap Lobster

3rd Quarter. 2006
What's Cookin' Archive

Apple Dumplings
Cornflake Crappie
Speedy Stuffed Peppers
Lemon Sour Cream Pie
Santa Fe Dining Car French Toast
BBQ Ribs & BBQ Potatoes
Margarita Steak
Italian Fish Dinner
Easy Baked Beans
Best Ever Ice Cream Dessert
Raisin Pie

4th Qtr. 2006
What's Cookin' Archive

Corn Chowder
Squirrel Nuggets
Lemon Potatoes
Parnelli's Pot Roast
Chicken Gumbo Soup
Summer Harvest Spaghetti
Escarole and Sausage Soup
Winter Garden Soup
Kahlua Fruit Dip
Peanut Brittle
Chocolate Covered Cherry Mice
Peppermint Bark
Baked Alaska


1st Quarter. 2005
What's Cookin' Archive

Fish Chowder
Dutch Oven Cornish Game Hens
No Bake Cheese Cake
Seafood Stuffed Green Peppers
Balsamic Chicken
Daddy's Spaghetti
Beef Stew With Onions
Trout Caviar
Rookie Cookies
Cactus White Chili
Venison Roast
My Grand Mothers Potato Soup
Joe's World Famous Bread Pudding

2nd Quarter 2005
What's Cookin' Archive

Favorite Ways to Cook Fish
Broccoli Bacon Salad
Summer Cookin Fireside or Camp Ribs
Mother Hubbard's Oriental Chicken Salad
Dutch Oven Mountain Man Breakfast
No-bake Cheesecake, Jo's Secret Recipe
Tomato Grits (Tex-Mex Version)
Jane's Brunch Casserole
Bowtie Pasta Salad
Baked Trout with Garlic and Tarragon Butter
Drunk Chicken
Parton Bree

3rd Quarter. 2005
What's Cookin' Archive

Red, White and Blue Cake
Fishie Tatties
Mom's Fish Chowder
Halibut Chowder/Clam Chowder
Great-Grandmother Larsen's Coffee Cake
Rainbow Trout with Grilled Vegetable Salsa
Brownie Pie
Floating Devils
Ham on a Stick

4th Qtr. 2005
What's Cookin' Archive

International Riparian Spread
Onslow Trout
Pink Salmon BBQ
Hot Texas Chili
Cider Braised Pork Chops
North Woods Roast Beef & Wild Rice
Potted Elk
Mousse of Chicken Livers Divoise
Grandma's Fruitcake
Shrimp Butter (Dip/Spread)
Baked Alaska
Dottie S' Cheesecake


3rd Quarter 2004
What's Cookin' Archive

Southern Fish Fry
2 for the Oven, Grill or Campfire!
Trout Madison
Greek Marinated Fish
Cafe Pacifica Mustard Catfish
Smoked Salmon, Tomato and Green Onion Salad
Oven Fried Salmon,Orzo Gratin
Broiled Chip-Coated Fish
Josko's Stuffed Bass
Streamside Trout or Salmon
Beer Battered Fish
Grilled Shrimp Marinade and Basting Sauce
Shrimp and Pasta

4th Quarter 2004
What's Cookin' Archive

Reel Good Tartar Sauce
French Hero
Bass 'N Peppers
Shrimp and Pasta
Redfish Sauce Piquante
What To Do With a BIG Fish
Grilled Salmon
Pot Roast Provencal
Joe's World Famous Gringo Chili
Cedar-Planked Roasted Filet of Salmon
World's Best Cranberrys
Candy Canes

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